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Avocado Shipper GLC Cerritos LLC names Cavaletto as U.S. President

GLC Cerritos LLC (Cerritos), Jalisco’s largest avocado grower-shipper, announces Giovanni Cavaletto as president of its U.S. division.  Establishing the U.S. division and hiring Cavaletto is part of a strategic initiative to enhance service, communication and alignment with its U.S. customer base. GLC Cerritos is a diversified farming operation with over 2900 acres of avocados in the state of Jalisco.  Winners of the Jalisco Avocado Grower Association’s (Apeajal) “Sustainable Avocado Grower of the Year” award, Cerritos farms have both Global Gap and Rainforest Alliance certifications.  

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Giovanni Cavaletto


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